Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Around Town

Although there has been much in the news lately about Roanoke City Council, I have been focused on continuing to meet people around the City. I have been attending neighborhood meetings -- not to just campaign but to learn about the issues most important to residents in various parts of Roanoke. It continues to be a wonderful experience to meet so many new people and hear how they believe we can work to move our City forward.

If you have any events or meetings that you think would be good for me to attend, please feel free to leave a comment and, if possible, I will be there.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diversity Conference

The NewVAConnects Diversity conference was really great tonight -- some awesome music history lessons about jazz, the blues and gospel. Then on to the panel discussion, which was fascinating in what leaders think needs to happen to better integrate Roanoke.

Afterwards, a great group gathered at 202 Market to listen to the music of a mixed genre band of musicians. A ton of folks showed up representing every quadrant, neighborhood and civic group.

The goal was for tonight to begin a productive dialogue.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MLK Statue Dedication

Today was the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. statue dedication near the Dumas Center. It was cold and windy but the turnout was excellent - lots of singing and remarks from leaders in the community with people of all ages, from all neighborhoods and of each race.

I talked to a number of younger folks about how great it is to have cultural and social monuments like the MLK statue and how Roanoke will move towards a positive future if we continue to have events like the one today.

We won't change overnight, but by honoring the past, remembering those who worked to break down barriers, and always keeping an eye to the future, Roanoke will continue to be a place full of hope and promise.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thank you all

Thank you for your support and vote yesterday during the Democratic primary. It was only with the help of friends, volunteers and supporters willing to join me in working towards a positive, progressive future for Roanoke that we were able to win and move on to the general election.

I look forward to continuing to talk to and get to know folks from all across our city. As a community, we must unite and work together towards a better future, not just for those of us living here today but for those we hope will be living here in five or ten years from now.

One of my hopes over the next few months to the general election and beyond is that, regardless of our differing opinions, the conversation will remain civil and respectful. I promise to do my part to cause this hope to come true.

I hope you'll continue to support me as I work to offer a fresh perspective on City Council.

Thanks again.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Dear Friends,

Just a friendly reminder, this SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2008 is election day at the Patrick Henry High School cafeteria from 9am to 3pm. Please come by and vote. Please bring 2 people with you to vote—all registered voters in the City are eligible and it will only take a few minutes of your time – you can vote and leave.

I truly believe that this election is a pivotal one. There is so much momentum in the City for a new perspective on City Council. I promise you that if you help me get elected , I will work as hard as possible to continue the progress of Roanoke to ensure a positive future for all of our citizens.

I ask you to vote this Saturday, for Court Rosen.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet and Greet!

My friends are having a meet and greet tomorrow, please come:


Come meet and greet COURT ROSEN, Candidate for City Council
Where? Blue 5 Restaurant (312 Second Street, Downtown)
When? 5:15 - 7:15 pm Thursday Feb 7, 2008
Why? Because for once, you can get to know who you are voting for…

Snacks will be provided

Friday, February 1, 2008

Thursday Night Candidates Forum

This past Thursday evening at the Dumas Center for Artistic & Cultural Development, a candidates forum was held to discuss some of the important issues facing Roanoke. All seven candidates seeking the nomination were in attendance.

While each candidate answered the same six questions, I hope the audience was able to distinguish between the various visions that we each have for the future of Roanoke. Schools were discussed at great length, with different proposals for how to improve our education system in the city.

It's important to know that City Council serves two functions with regard to our schools: 1) It appoints a school board, which should be comprised of the very best and brightest that Roanoke has to offer, and 2) City Council funds the schools.

Schools are the foundation of any community, and are directly linked to the economic and cultural success of the city. We cannot grown economically unless outside businesses and people trust that they can move/live in Roanoke and that the city can provide a high quality of education to our children, regardless of race, socioeconomic background or other social factors.

It's difficult for me, personally and publicly, to tell people that I will work to increase teacher pay, or implement strategies to increase our graduation rate -- though these are important, noble and necessary goals. As a member of Council, these aren't promises that can be fulfilled by Council. But we can appoint School Board members who are qualified and committed, and who can work to put in place policies that will achieve these worthy goals.

It's my goal to always be genuine with voters. I can and will commit to increasing the funding formula for our schools -- this formula is outdated and needs to be changed. I promise that I will work tirelessly to see this change occur for the better.

As I have said many times to folks all over Roanoke: Good schools bring more and better jobs and build great communities.

I'll always be straight with the citizens of Roanoke.