Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thank you all

Thank you for your support and vote yesterday during the Democratic primary. It was only with the help of friends, volunteers and supporters willing to join me in working towards a positive, progressive future for Roanoke that we were able to win and move on to the general election.

I look forward to continuing to talk to and get to know folks from all across our city. As a community, we must unite and work together towards a better future, not just for those of us living here today but for those we hope will be living here in five or ten years from now.

One of my hopes over the next few months to the general election and beyond is that, regardless of our differing opinions, the conversation will remain civil and respectful. I promise to do my part to cause this hope to come true.

I hope you'll continue to support me as I work to offer a fresh perspective on City Council.

Thanks again.

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