Friday, March 7, 2008

Neighborhood Meetings

For anyone who truly wants an up close and personal look at the happenings of the individual neighborhoods in Roanoke, I highly recommend attending some of the monthly gatherings the neighborhoods host. Guests are always welcomed warmly.

Over the past month, I have attended five different neighborhood alliances/organizations/forums/meetings, from Wasena to Melrose-Rugby. Each meeting I have attended has provided me with so much insight into one the greatest assets Roanoke has -- a sense of community. As with anything, each neighborhood has issues unique to the area, but more often than not, the issues are very similar. From better code enforcement to keeping the neighborhood and its parks clean and sightly to minimizing crime, most of the folks I have met simply want their community to be the best it can.

I have many more meetings on my schedule over the next two months, and if elected to Council, I will continue to attend these meetings to keep informed and in the know as to what is going on in the various neighborhoods in Roanoke.

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