Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moving forward

After few months of meeting people all over the city, there are only a little over three short weeks before the May 6 city elections. I have had a blast going to neighborhood meetings and other groups to learn about the needs of folks across the city.

I am working really hard to share my message of hope for a progressive future for Roanoke. And although some candidates may be saying negative things about the state of the city, I do think we are headed in the right direction. With the new medical school, biomedical institute, two new high schools and continued efforts to make downtown a vibrant place, my goal is to be positive about our future, act civilly towards each person running for office, and to continue to meet with folks all across town.

I hope you'll join me in my efforts to keep Roanoke moving forward, without expressing anger towards one another when we disagree, and with real hope for what our city can become. I ask that you join me for a common future of prosperity and opportunity for all Roanokers.

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