Saturday, March 29, 2008

Knockin' on Doors

Today begins the final five week stretch of the campaign. I will spend all afternoon knocking on doors in Raleigh Court and introducing myself to folks living in the various RC neighborhoods.

This is another one of the really fun activities that makes campaigning such an interesting and energetic experience -- getting to meet new people by just going up to their front door and knocking on their doors.

If anyone cares to join me over the next five weeks wandering neighborhoods across the city, just let me know and I would love for you to join me.


jubileekaren said...

Please don't knock on my door and please stop being a puppet for Valley Forward. You don't have to see numbers to take a stance. You're either for destroying a mountain top for commercial use not intended for the entire community or you're against it. Are the numbers in regards to how much VF pays you? just out of curiosity... not everything comes down to numbers. Please don't know on my door.

Court said...

Thanks for expressing your opinion I am sorry you feel the way you do -- your views are misguided and not factual, but I do appreciate you at least taking the time to let me know how you feel.

jubileekaren said...

no apology... while maybe not 100% factual, there is definitly connection and a visible one. would you follow city code on this proposal? i think we can all admit this is no "community center" being 70% restaurant and just a room for the "community" part or else every restaurant in town is a "community center." It is quite the large stretch. As well, this is not project as the zoo or discovery center. Which is for families and the entire community to enjoy .
Could you enlighten me a little on your stance or how you will handle this situation a little more directly? Projections are just that, assumptions (while well thought out, still assumptions), so you and I both know there won't be any real/hard numbers available before this is decided.
I mean no disrespect, I have just seen the debates, the responses (bostwick) and the side stepping with politically correct type answers. This is clearly a deciding factor in the voting because everyone is on a similar page in regards to schools, eco devoplment and downtown, etc.

Also reading your response on back room meetings. I don't believe anyone said the current council acted out of line or illegally. I think its more based on not involving the public as much nor seeking their opinion thoughts before making decisions and doing most of these behind close doors. If council members are walking out of these meetings there is a problem and something horribly wrong. I hope you don't plan on falling in line with this and can act as an independent thinker who isn't easily influenced by special interests or other strong members.

thanks. karen.

Court said...

In my experience, projections in business are not assumptions but based on market realities, ROI and hard facts. But I do understand what you are getting at.
As to VF, I have a number of friends who are members and who I respect a great deal -- though we don't always agree on everything. I am actually a member of NewVaConnects, though, which you may be familiar with --
If we were to meet, I think you would find that I am independent in my thinking and intend to do what I think is right, but always being respectful with others and always doing my best to reach a smart consensus.
I appreciate your comments -- I did not mean to call out the incorrect facts but think it important to keep the dialogue positive and truthful.