Thursday, January 17, 2008


In case you are snowed it - check out the campaign featured in local news:

WDBJ - Link Here to read and watch footage

Roanoke Times Article:
At 29, council candidate touts 'fresh perspective' for Roanoke
Court Rosen, a former congressional staffer, joins the increasingly crowded field seeking the city's Democratic nomination.
By David Harrison 777-3523
At 29, Court Rosen is the second-youngest candidate running for the Democratic nomination for this year's Roanoke City Council election. Alex Ballin, another Democratic hopeful, is roughly six years younger.
But Rosen is pointing to his youth as an asset in his bid to shape the city's direction for the next four years.
"I can offer the fresh perspective of my generation, acknowledging that attracting this younger generation is an important component in moving Roanoke forward," he said during his announcement, held outside the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building on Wednesday.
Behind him as he spoke were about half a dozen young professionals and Mayor Nelson Harris.
"We want Roanoke to be attractive to the digital generation, but we must always remember that city council represents all of our citizens," Rosen said.
His campaign director, Dan Frei, filmed his announcement to produce a video that will be posted on YouTube, the popular video-sharing Web site.
Rosen, a former congressional staffer, and his wife moved to Roanoke three years ago from Northern Virginia ... (Click on link above to read full article)

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