Saturday, January 19, 2008

Groups Rally in Roanoke

Today, several community groups, made up of citizens of all ages, rallied on top of Mill Mountain in support of a proposal to build a mountaintop restaurant like the old Rockledge. Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with the low-impact development of Mill Mountain, it's exciting that citizens of Roanoke have gathered in a positive, progressive way to rally around a community project that they believe will help move Roanoke forward.

To read the article about the rally in the Roanoke Times, visit:

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Lauren said...

There was a letter to the editor this week about how the Rockledge Inn won't actually attract or retain young folks in Roanoke. That might be true - but the point is bigger. The point is - change, that reflects growing needs, is good! New ideas and creative planning does make a City a more welcoming place for all. So, even if you don't Want the Inn - the energy behind it should be encouraged. Just my 2 cents.